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LOL how frustrating

I am a big addict of Sims 2. But things are starting to change starting today.

When I woke up this morning, I found out that my brother did something wrong to the computer. Most of the programs that were installed are now formatted because of him. Apparently, my fave game happened to be one of them. His only reason was to fix HIS computer which isn't really his. 

Anyway, aside from the entire world mad at what he just did, I still thank the good lord for the cds I have. Apparently, I forgot how I did install it. (But hehe, it wasn't me who installed it but my cousin who is gone far far away). So now, I am struggling finding a way to fix the entire mess about: 'please insert the correct cd-rom  and click ok to restart application' (or whatever that is). 

Apparently, too much googling is not even working. Rebooting the computer, fixing the background tasks and all. It's so frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!


Well anyway, SEP is up and I haven't even enrolled. Who's up???

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Gory movies on the go.

Well I couldn't sleep.  AAAAAACCKK. :-[

Thanks a lot: Exmortis I, Exmortis II, Exorcism of Emily Rose, the Exorcist, the Eye, Ring I, Ring II

I hope I don't even get to go to the bathroom at 3 in the morning. OHPLEASE.

[Dad don't even lay a finger on the DVD player to watch 6th Sense tonight while I get a glass of water. You scared me the last time you were watching Gothika.]

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My eyes are painful sitting here for hours. HAHA

Hey all!

Summer has been quite a bore these past few days. I'm such a cornball and I'm still not allowed to get out for another road trip until one of my siblings gets to have their vacation (not to mention both my brother and my sister are in college so it would take a few more months till I get the REAL vacation)

It's good that I've got the house to myself. At least I get to play my all time favorite games and the Wii. ;-) 

So here again playing my favorite Sims 2. I already got Seasons and to me, it's like another version of Sims Vacation -- sort of (ish). I finished the McCarthy family and I'm moving on to my second one-- the Sanchez family. Somehow, I'm beginning to love the family because 'el padre de la familia' is cheating on his wife and it's the maid who comes to clean their house every morning. Though I have some clips, I think you guys wouldn't wish to watch it because the entire story plot is plain disgusting as it is. 

The cheats are very annoying believe me-- do not use or else you'll go extremely overbored.

And speaking of Wii. I almost broke my TV. :-|

*sigh* *phew*

I'd love to hear from you <33

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School's OUT!

It's been like 4098504718741897 days since I haven't opened my lj. XD and double that for the comments.

Wow. Now it's official. Summer.

No more exams, no more school and no more studying. [Ms. Lopez calls it the Dark Age XD]

It means I can: 

1. Watch Maging Sino Ka Man XD
2. Eat all I want (anyway, I promised a lot of people I would gain ten pounds by the time I come back to school--which I doubt since it's so hard to do so.)
3. Read all the books that are WAY overdue (because of damnit school work)
4. Sleep all I want (and never nag again about damnit school work)
5. Play Nintendo Wii for all I care and PS3.
6. Go out anywhere I want to.
7. Go shopping galore anywhere, whenever and wherever I want to.
8. Use the computer the entire day
9. Finish Prison Break for who cares what? And watch all the DVD's
10. Decorate my planner because I'm so bored.

And looking back, god. I'm going to be a junior.--- the new corridor, the many stairs to go up [not my fault, I'm such a stick, I get so tired walking such a long distance], the new bathroom, the neggies which I call "baby eggs", moral case 101, new faces of the teachers, the final Spanish year and the final IP year.

God, I'll miss the second year life.

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My Gawad Kalinga Experience

Okay, I'm writing this entry because today I feel so good. And I want to share my experience to everyone. *squee*

Today happens to be a FAMILY DAY. It's so different than the rest because:

1. My parents did not accompany me. Funny eh? Yea, it's supposed to be a family day. Not even my siblings went too (stares at my sister). But I (sort of) understand why but still, I'm quite mad at them that they weren't with me (WHAT IS FAMILY DAY PEOPLE? FAMILY)

2. It's all about building houses, which is the reason why they didn't want to go.

Because of that, I decided to go there by myself.

Well not really by myself.

I rode with Karen together with her two brothers then we went to Taguig. I wasn't surprised that Karen woke up late so I came to the site quite late too. But when we got there, there was so much work to do. Well thanks to her ever-so-dear brother she says, we got there at about ten o' clock. So I had only two hours left to build houses.


I saw teachers, yes. my adviser with her daughter who looked like my Bio teacher in a way who was there too. (Or probably, I'm blind so I can't tell the difference that time. So when you put them together, they look like sisters! Seriously.). I was carrying tons of soil, which were heavy. The guy said there that they won't fill it so that we wouldn't have a hard time carrying it. Until this lady who had her shift in digging the soil placed so much. I wanted to scream in pain because it was so heavy. Well come to think of it, I only weigh a hundred pounds and I tried gaining weight but it's not working at all.

[So anyone willing to give me some of their fat.???]

I forgot too my gloves so I got blisters after carrying them. I tried to paint but I didn't have gloves. Thanks to some volunteer there who lent me at least half of her gloves. Painting too was scary that time. There came to a point when they were painting the roof, suddenly the plywood fell down and hit two people. Good thing, they were still alive and didn't get hurt (well they said that they didn't know if they were to say ouch or so).

I tried putting cement but they said not because I didn't have gloves. Stupid gloves. Stupid gloves. Stupid gloves.


Okay, it's night time. I have to go now.

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Ooh. such a long time.

I'm in extreme boredom.


It's sembreak, [hurrah!] Just like everyone else, I'm sulking at home doing nothing. It's still friday, and by tomorrow I'll be gone.

Mom, I'll try getting a tan even if I don't see the sun.  *ironic*

So it means I'll be missing:

Trick or Treat-ing with my friends.
Bonfire. *wails* anyway, being loyal and having a 'green-blood', they might kick me off that school.
Guitar lessons with Karen.
Kumon and art lessons [awesome.. >:D<].
And the computer, the IM my "telebabad" sessions with my friends.
School work (so nerdy but bleeah, who cares. I'll procrastinate *haha* *sarcasm*).

Although the interaction turned out what I did not expect, I wish to thank my granola bars for keeping me warm and having an ozzy feeling the entire time. I still have to clean my multiply account (and I believe most pictures were very WHOLESOME. You can't help it if they're such a pro fixing people's faces. UBER THAT IS SO PHOTOSHOP.)

Oh btw. :3 I'll miss you Lara and Chella. ;) <3333

See you in school everyone!
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Aaaah. Aaahh.. Post Entry.

Woa, I think it's about time I update. I'll fix my LJ when our semestral break comes.

Okay, its the start of a new semester and I'm oozing bored. [inserts: sort of]. And two more weeks [if that is] its my semestral break. Since I'm not anymore in school mode [due to my obsession over Ouran at the moment. Ouran writes: Can't wait? Second season? I know.! ♥ --] might as well start writing down the things I've been planning to do.

...Beach? Nope.


...House? Never.

Eeh. Forget it. And I'm quite suprised why I'm not in school mode. And you should be proud dear. I guess things have been quite colorful this week.
[And now time for Reina's favorite expressions and emoticons. Overused?]




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Bad Day.

Today isn't a good day. Really. I feel like wringing someone's neck right now. 

This is after intrams. Although, most people believe that we should win the "Sportsmanship Award" there would be a possibility that it would end with the freshmen. After all, I'm glad we went third place as Sophomores and that things went the way we wanted them to be. 

And today..., I feel so bitchy.

And I feel so bad that I gave my Science teacher a such a frustrating look, I was just stressed. Sorry, but you know what, Happy Birthday (and together with Policarpio Mrs. Jopet (??) Happy Birthday).

And tomorrow will be a start of a new trimester in ICT. Which means a new seatmate... Hmmph. 

I was praying to God its not her. [Sir, you will have to pay for this.] But all of a sudden... 26 and WTF??? OF ALL LIVING CREATURES IT HAD TO BE HER...


May I repeat?? *wink* *wink* Neeeah. 

But then again, looking back at what happened today. I remember my dearest friend, Riza who had been with her 5 years straight already. I mean that would be my worst nightmare. 

And tomorrow is another weird day for me. Pray that I may not be put to the test to stab her. Really.

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Cheesy. Yeeah Yeah. Care for pasta?

FINALLY. Exams are over. YAHOO! Time to celebrate. Riiight on

[except for that crappy ICT hands-on exam. Hopefully, my stupidity will not mess this entire crap out *geeh*].

I've finally had the time to relax despite the worries I've been having over my THE, Soc Sci and my ICT exams [no.. EVERYTHING]. I could only shake my head and pound the table once more and shout "Shit, babe I could have done much better."

And once again my tummy hurts. Once again its the feeling of regret. REGRET. Mark that crap.

Well it didn't get any better when I watched "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Monster House" and when I had to play stupid car games with my brother in the arcade. Honey and Clover is way fuckin better than you three combined!

[Inserts blah blah: I've seen this manga but I don't know who was holding it. Or did I see it once in a shop?]

For today, I'm anti-social. I'll have to calm down for the mean time to get me back to my pace. Calm down. WTF? In my nature??

And I can't wait till my mom gets back from NY. I've got about 11 more hours to wait.
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